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Written by Iustina Istrati   
Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I come where you come from...

I go where you're going to...

there is no sacred destination...

just a sacred pilgrimage

toward infinity.

It is customary to present oneself,

a biography

a resume with lists of degrees



et cetera...

it would be superfluous

to do that here.

my teachers span the millennia...

I am grateful to one and all

and I hold them all in my heart.



may you remember your own teachers...

may I suggest

that you let

the rhythms

penetrate you...

close your eyes...

inhale the colors...

drop all thought forms...

just be!


 allow your heart

to meet the pulse

of the universe...


the depths

the heights

from the center ~

Sit back...


let go...

allow yourself to journey for a while...

may you have a meaningful journey!

in Love & Light


Iustina Istrati


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Written by Iustina Istrati   
Sunday, 04 May 2008
  • No, I do not allow comments on the blog, however, you can rate the poems if you are so inclined.
    The blog will soon be replaced by the "Book of Shadows & Light" anyway.
  • The works currently present in the gallery are pure fractals, pure fractal mandalas (not processed
    with graphics software), and composite mandalas (processed or entirely made with graphics software) created
    in 2007. Went through 2 computers, 1 UPS... burned the midnight oil... No, alas, I do not have time to create
    now... 2007 was prolific enough. I have not even finished uploading all the works. So, if you want more, check
    back later, I still have more works and who knows maybe one day the creative flow will stream forth again...
  •  Some of the sub-galleries are not organized! Really, hmm, maybe... maybe not Wink
  •  No, not all works have to have a comment...
  • If you want to learn more about fractals, google is your friend and math is beautiful!
  • I use Joomla CMS for for the site. It's open source, it's great, here's where you can learn more about it
    (note: not all web hosts offer it): http://joomla.org/
  • The gallery is built using a cool component created specifically for Joomla called Exposé (ver. 4) -
    Ironic, isn't it... expos
    é (FR)...?
  • I was wondering when someone will challenge that... Just because there is no music, that doesn't mean there
    is no rhythm... In another reality the gallery was meant to be a rich multi-media, multi-sensory journey... the seed
    has been planted... one day it will bloom.
  • E-mail me your questions, however, I cannot promise a quick response. I will post the answer here just as
    I have above.
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